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I can procure gallery-wrapped canvas of just about any size and would be happy to discuss details of what you’re looking for. If you’re more looking for something special on a surfboard, snowboard, or a set of skis, I can make that happen as well! From the studio, I’ve been able to create custom pieces as big as 9’ x 3’, but I am always looking for the next big (or small) challenge. Give me a shout, and we chat about what you’re looking for!

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How It Works

Creating your custom piece is a collaborative process. Your input is crucial to ensure you love the final product. I’m interested in the space the piece will occupy and the emotions you want it to evoke. Let’s discuss the size, medium, and colour scheme together to create a piece that truly reflects your vision.

Generally, once we’ve agreed on a concept, I’d take a 25% deposit to account for supplies, etc., and provide you with a preliminary design (depending on what we’re doing, this may look like a sketch, quick painting, or electronic design). Once the design has been approved, I’ll move to the good stuff of getting your custom piece completed! I will also encourage you to make an appointment to pop by the studio to see the work in progress if you’d like.

Commission Process

Commissioning a custom painting with Groot Art Studios is a collaborative journey that transforms your vision into a unique work of art! The steps are simple:

01. Initial Contact and Discussion

Share your idea and inspiration.

02. Personalized Consultation

Discuss preferences, mood, and colour schemes.

03. Concept Development

Review and provide feedback on concept sketches.

04. Artistic Creation

Follow the painting’s progress and offer input.

05. Completion and Delivery

Receive the finalized, custom masterpiece.

Beyond banff commission@2x
Exploration 3 2017@2x

Express Your Vision With Personalized Art

Commissioning a custom painting is more than just acquiring a piece of art; it’s a collaborative and personalized process that results in a unique piece crafted just for you! Ryan’s dedication to capturing your vision ensures that each commissioned piece is a true reflection of your story and imagination.

Thank you for choosing Groot Art Studios for your commission painting. We look forward to creating something memorable together!


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