Much like “No Limits”, COP in Spring was an art commissioned by CADS for their annual Movement Gala. This custom snowboard was donated to CADS to raise funds for their silent auction. Canadian Olympic Park (COP), now named Winsport, is where the CADS program runs in Calgary. The hill on the city’s west side is often the last place to lose snow in the spring (and if you’re familiar with Calgary at all, that could happen anytime between March and August!). 

The piece shows that ski jumping platforms, the freestyle park and the downhill runs. It really is an iconic piece of the Calgary landscape, and I was happy to put this piece together for CADS.

Background and Inspiration

Ryan Groot’s commissioned artwork, “COP in Spring,” is a vibrant tribute to the Calgary landscape, encapsulating the iconic Canadian Olympic Park. This visual homage extends beyond a mere representation, embodying the city’s rich winter sports culture and tight-knit community. In doing so, the piece commemorates the cherished location. It is a powerful means of supporting the initiatives championed by CADS, weaving together art and community, and celebrating Calgary’s dynamic winter sports legacy.

Result and Impact

Ryan Groot’s commissioned artwork, adorning a custom snowboard, masterfully portrays the notable structures and terrains of the Canadian Olympic Park, reflecting a vibrant tribute to Calgary’s winter sports culture and community. This unique creation was thoughtfully contributed to CADS to become a pivotal feature of their silent auction during the Movement Gala. With its rich detail and undeniable connection to CADS, the piece is poised to generate significant funds, highlighting the community’s unwavering support and profound appreciation for CADS’ mission of enabling adaptive snow sports experiences for individuals with disabilities.

About Ryan Groot

Ryan Groot is a published, self-taught commissioned artist known for his innovative approach to creating artwork focusing on abstract impressionism and textural techniques. Being a prairie boy now residing in Calgary, AB, Canada, Ryan is a full-time artist inspired by surfing, snowboarding, & Rock ’n roll! 

Ryan has also donated, volunteered or is commissioned by organizations that he has a special connection with, such as: 


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