Background and inspiration

These two boards were a blast to complete. My client was looking for a cool board to put up in his cabin at the Panorama Ski Resort near Invermere, BC. He was looking for something to remind him of the hill but also to be a conversation piece when entertaining guests. The design is from a photo taken for the Columbia Valley Tourism Guide Inc. The original intent of the commission was to create a single snowboard of the mountain. Tree Time was the initial style of the painting that I created, and I think it nailed the intent of what my client wanted. As I was completing the first painting, I was intrigued by the image and decided to try a different technique of the same painting. Well, it turns out that my client liked the first and second boards as much as I did, and he bought both! Win-win!!

-Ryan Groot 

About Ryan Groot

Ryan Groot is a published, self-taught commissioned artist known for his innovative approach to creating artwork focusing on abstract impressionism and textural techniques. Being a prairie boy now residing in Calgary, AB, Canada, Ryan is a full-time artist inspired by surfing, snowboarding, & Rock ’n roll! 

Ryan has also donated, volunteered or is commissioned by organizations that he has a special connection with, such as: 


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