My Story

“Maybe, just maybe yesterday doesn’t matter. Every step you take is a new direction, a new story… It’s a blank canvas unto which you can create your masterpiece.”


Where It Started

I’ve been creating art for just about my entire life. From early days in the prairies to moving west in the early 2000’s, I’ve had the opportunity to evolve and mature my craft and perspectives through shared experiences with family, friends, and colleagues. My travels have taken me to all 3 coasts of Canada (and most provinces and territories between them), and various international destinations. Wherever I’ve been, I’ve tried to see the beauty and uniqueness of the great and small alike.

This past year, I decided to make a life pivot (which is simultaneously invigorating and terrifying)!. I no longer wanted to paint as a hobby but wanted to pursue art full-time. My dream has always been to have the time and freedom to really explore where my art could take me professionally, mentally, and spiritually. I’d love for you to be a part of this journey with me.

Ryan Groot Canadian Artist in Calgary

Surf, Snow & Rock N’roll

Being a prairie boy, I always dreamed of hitting the surf on a secluded island somewhere or carving fresh tracks in the vast mountains of the west. I mean, there isn’t a lot of either surf or mountains around Winnipeg (believe me).

Surfboard Original Art by Ryan Groot


If you’ve never had the chance to hit the waves in Hawaii, I highly recommend it! The instant I stepped off the plane in Oahu (then later, Kona) I was hooked. The same feelings of freedom I got from being in the mountain air, I also experienced from the “aloha” on the islands. The beauty, warmth and diversity of the flora, fauna, art, and people is borderline magical. There is no shortage of beauty on the islands, and it’s almost impossible to not be inspired. As I’ve returned several times over the years, I felt more at home each time.

The surfboards I create try to replicate the feelings of catching some gnarly suds at Hapuna or North Shore, or maybe chillin’ on the Lanai with a beverage in my hand. All my boards are re-purposed wood from shelving, furniture, etc. that I either have at home, purchased, or found. The boards are hand cut, routered and sanded in my garage, then painted in my studio.


When I moved out west, I hit the mountains like I was addicted to them. The fresh, cold air, steep drops, fresh snow, and the expansive sun-filled skies of Sunshine, Louise, Panorama, Fernie, and Kicking Horse made it a healthy addiction. I wanted to capture those feelings in my paintings, and what better way than painting on boards and skis?

The gear that I use is re-purposed and upcycled from people looking to get rid of their old boards or skis. I remove all the bindings (and donate them when I can), sand it, prime it and voila! a cool, locally made, sustainable, kick-ass canvas!

Snowboard Original Art by Ryan Groot
Rock n Roll Original Artwork by Ryan Groot

Rock n Roll

I was taught what “proper rock n roll” was from an early age. Dad always listened to the best tunes (and still does). I grew up on Zeppelin, The Beatles, Cream, Clapton, the Stones, The Moody Blues (as well as a health dose of Bob Seger and Roy Orbison). He had the best mixed tapes that we’d listen to way too loud at the cabin (good thing the neighbors were cool too).

As I matured, I started adding my own tastes to what constituted rock n roll – Metallica, Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Rage and Soundgarden were my rock heroes. The Rock N Roll Series is a tribute to both the music I grew up with, and to my Dad.

Giving Back

I’ve been pretty blessed in my life. I’ve managed to take advantage of the opportunities I’ve been afforded through hard work, support from family and friends, and (honestly) some good luck. I think that it’s a responsibility of everyone to give back and pay forward in some way. In that spirit, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to donate and volunteer with or be commissioned by organizations that either have reached out or have some special meaning to me.

  • Calgary Health Foundation
  • Canadian Association of Adaptive Snowsports – Calgary
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • H2Safety Charity Hockey Tournament
  • I Will Survive Association
  • Jamie Blain Foundation (@snowboardingsaves)

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CADS Calgary Movement Gala
April 27, 2023

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Let’s work together

Along the way of finding joy through making art, I’ve discovered so much about myself. These personal insights are increasingly mirrored in my artwork.

I am excited to extend this journey of artistic exploration and would love to collaborate with other local artists. If you’re in the area and interested in brainstorming ideas, sharing techniques, or working on joint projects, please feel free to reach out! Collaborating is about more than just making art; it’s about strengthening our community as a whole.

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