Pondering Monkey custom painting by Canadian Artist Ryan Groot

Commissioned Art Inspiration

For years, the client had a picture in their office of a monkey wearing headphones in the “Thinker” posture.

On a broader scale, the sculpture embodies the themes of contemplation and introspection, symbolizing the poet’s capacity to rise above the baser aspects of human nature.

“I always have my headphones on and I believe we are closer to our nomadic ancestors than the tech overloads we as humanity like to think we are..”

With this statement from the client, Ryan recreates this picture in a gallery-wrapped canvas while emphasizing colour and subtle hues to highlight the monkey’s key features and expression.

Corgito, Ergo Sum

The bubble on the monkey reads; “Cogito, ergo sum”, in Latin translated to “I think, therefore I am”

This painting highlights this expression’s significance in establishing knowledge amidst radical doubt. French philosopher René Descartes embarked on a quest for certainty through methodic doubt, questioning the reliability of senses and existence itself.

He concluded that because we can think, we must exist. This idea was a big deal in philosophy, changing how we understand knowledge, reality, and how we see the relationship between our minds and bodies.

ResultPondering Monkey canvas painting by Canadian Artist Ryan Groot

Ryan Groot’s “Pondering Monkey” captures the essence and style of a monkey in headphones, portrayed in an abstract and impressionist manner. They are drawn to the vibrant, yet selectively applied colours, particularly around the face and headphones, favouring a rainbow-inspired palette.

The concept of “Cogito, ergo sum” can relate to the pondering monkey as both embody introspection and the essence of existence through thought. Just as Descartes concluded that the act of thinking is proof of existence, the pondering monkey represents contemplation and the profound ability to question and reflect.

About Ryan Groot

Ryan Groot is a published, self-taught commissioned artist known for his innovative approach to creating artwork focusing on abstract impressionism and textural techniques. Being a prairie boy now residing in Calgary, AB, Canada, Ryan is a full-time artist inspired by surfing, snowboarding, & Rock ’n roll!

Ryan has also donated, volunteered or is commissioned by organizations that he has a special connection with, such as:

  • Calgary Health Foundation
  • Canadian Association of Adaptive Snowsports – Calgary
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • I Will Survive Association
  • Jamie Blain Foundation (@snowboardingsaves)

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