Canadian Adaptive Snowsports Calgary

This piece was painted on gallery-wrapped canvas (24 x 36”) and was commissioned by the Canadian Adaptive Snowsports Calgary (CADS) for their annual Movement Gala. CADS Calgary is a volunteer-based non-profit charity that provides opportunities for people with disabilities to experience the joy of learning, participating, and competing in alpine snow sports.

This piece was donated to CADS and auctioned off to raise funds for the charity.

When I painted this piece, I wanted to show the courage and strength that I have experienced working with both the instructors and students of CADS. I think that the “no quit, no limits” attitude that shines through this organization is reflected well in this painting, inspired by the photography of Whistler-based photographer, Justa Jeskova.

Background and Inspiration

As the commissioned artist, Ryan Groot was deeply inspired by the noble mission of CADS Calgary, a volunteer-driven non-profit charity dedicated to introducing individuals with disabilities to alpine snow sports while facilitating learning, participation, and competitive opportunities. Groot’s artistic vision drew from the captivating photography of Justa Jeskova, a Whistler-based photographer, infusing the artwork with a vibrant essence that pays homage to the incredible landscapes of winter sports.

Beyond the visuals, the piece stands as a profound testament to the unwavering courage and strength he witnessed within the CADS community. Through this collaboration, Groot Art understands CADS’ mission, creating inspiring artwork that reflects the spirit of the community and supports its admirable cause.

Result and Impact

Inspired by Justa Jeskova’s vivid imagery, Ryan Groot’s commissioned artwork portrays resilience and dedication. It captures the “no quit, no limits” ethos of CADS, showcasing the organization’s tenacity and vigour while also serving as a moving tribute to the spirit of the instructors and students involved.

This piece, generously gifted to CADS and subsequently auctioned during the Movement Gala, is poised to create a profound impact, both in terms of raising significant funds and evoking admiration for its celebration of courage and determination, all through the lens of Ryan Groot’s artistic expertise.

About Ryan Groot

Ryan Groot is a published, self-taught commissioned artist known for his innovative approach to creating artwork focusing on abstract impressionism and textural techniques. Being a prairie boy now residing in Calgary, AB, Canada, Ryan is a full-time artist inspired by surfing, snowboarding, & Rock ’n roll!

Ryan has also donated, volunteered or is commissioned by organizations that he has a special connection with, such as:


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