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In a world increasingly aware of social responsibility, the intersection of art and charity emerges as a significant avenue for businesses aiming to make a meaningful difference. 

Engaging with art enhances the aesthetic value and cultural richness of a business and provides a compelling path for companies to contribute to the well-being and improvement of society actively. This article explores the fusion of original art and charity and how commissioning local Canadian artists can profoundly impact communities and businesses. 

The Power of Art and Philanthropy

Art holds an inherent power to move, inspire, and connect people. When this is paired with philanthropic goals, the impact multiplies manifold. 

By commissioning original art with a purpose, businesses attain unique artworks for their establishments and foster a culture of giving and community support. Such initiatives resonate deeply with customers, employees, and the community, establishing the business as one that cares about more than just profit! 

Fostering Community Relationships

Engaging in the intersection of art and charity enables businesses to establish and strengthen community relationships. It fosters a sense of goodwill and partnership, ensuring that the business is seen as a valuable and caring member of the community. 

Engagement enhances the reputation of the business and builds long-lasting relationships with community members, potentially leading to increased customer loyalty and business growth.

Commissioning an Artist for a Cause

When businesses commission art with a charitable focus, they infuse a meaningful dimension into their purchases. Investing in artworks that channel a portion of the proceeds towards community development, environmental initiatives, or other charitable causes provides the business with aesthetic enhancements and underscores its commitment to societal progress. 

This commitment helps build a positive brand image and strengthen customer and community bonds.

Groot Art was previously commissioned by the Calgary Health Foundation to create a piece based on his experience in the NICU. Learn more about Mother’s Day and Father’s Love here

The artist, Ryan Groot, has also donated and volunteered or is commissioned by organizations that he has a special connection with, such as: 

  • Calgary Health Foundation
  • Canadian Association of Adaptive Snowsports – Calgary
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • I Will Survive Association
  • Jamie Blain Foundation (@snowboardingsaves)

Creating Change Through Canvas

As an example of this integration, Groot Art stands out as a platform that beautifully marries the world of art and charity. Commissioning an artist such as Ryan Groot offers opportunities for businesses to commission original art, ensuring that a portion of the expenditure is reinvested into the community.  

Businesses not only enhance their spaces and reputation but also actively contribute to the development and welfare of the community. Through custom original art, businesses not only obtain exquisite and unique artworks but also contribute to societal betterment, echoing the values of giving back and community support.   

Get in touch today, or check out his online shop full of featured prints and original artwork. 


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