Canvas Painting by Ryan Groot

This January, Euphoria Cafe is set to become a canvas for the art of Ryan Groot, a renowned Canadian artist known in the city for his unique artistic vision and deep connections to the themes of nature and humanity. Groot’s exhibition at Euphoria Cafe this month of January offers a perfect blend of culinary delight and visual splendour, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a world where art meets the everyday.

About Euphoria Cafe

Euphoria Cafe, an independent, family-owned business in Calgary, Alberta, has been a local favourite since 2009. Known for its inviting atmosphere, it’s a space where the community comes together.

The cafe offers an extensive menu catering to various dietary needs, including dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, and vegan options. Their offerings range from handcrafted coffees and teas to fresh pastries and healthy grab-and-go meals, emphasizing supporting local businesses and being environmentally conscious.

It’s not just a cafe but a place for meetings, study sessions, and relaxation, making it an ideal venue for showcasing the works of Canadian artist like Ryan Groot!

Ride the Waves, Shred the Slopes, Rock the Canvas!

Original Art of Ryan Groot

This Canadian Artist’s travels and passions throughout three coasts of Canada (and most provinces and territories in between) and various international destinations have been his muse!

Ryan Groot’s art captures his diverse passions: the tranquillity of Hawaiian waves on handmade surfboards, the thrill of Western mountains on repurposed snowboards and skis, and a deep-rooted love for rock n’ roll. His creations, born from a blend of personal experiences and environmental sustainability, pay homage to his life’s influences, from iconic bands’ melodies to nature’s serene beauty. Each artwork uniquely expresses Ryan’s journey, echoing his connection to the places and sounds that have shaped him.

What’s Featured?

The cafe’s ethos of supporting local talent and fostering a sense of community aligns seamlessly with the spirit of Groot’s work. This exhibition is not just an opportunity to view original local art; it’s an invitation to experience the convergence of artistic expression and community spirit in a space that values both.

Each piece at Euphoria Cafe is a testament to Groot’s creativity and various art styles. Ryan will be featuring:

All of which are featured on his website. Perhaps you could also catch a glimpse of new pieces or learn about what he’s working on?!

Experience the Fusion of Art and Ambience

As you step into Euphoria Cafe this January, you’re not just walking into a cafe; you’re entering a gallery of imagination and inspiration courtesy of Ryan Groot. It’s a unique chance to enjoy a cup of coffee while surrounded by the profound creativity of one of Canada’s most talented artists!


What’s Happening At Groot Art Studio