Conquer Diptych Artwork By Ryan Groot

Exhibiting art in the workplace can significantly enhance employee efficiency, mood, and overall well-being while strengthening connections between staff and clients. 

Over the past decade, numerous studies have revealed various ways – from tangible benefits to subconscious influences – strategically selected abstract art or painting can enrich the workplace experience, boost employee performance, and convey the desired message to visitors.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the benefits of gifting original art to employees, clients or guests, offering insights on selecting the most fitting artwork for office spaces. 

Art Can Cultivate Work Culture

Art in the workplace serves multiple functions, enhancing navigation, reinforcing cultural values, and promoting employee ownership. Using art as landmarks within an office can help navigate complex spaces and simplify direction-giving, making the workspace stand out! 

Carefully chosen artwork subtly conveys a brand’s values and can hint at aspects of the company’s culture. Common examples include:

  • Non-traditionality
  • Multiculturalism
  • Progression
  • Team driven
  • Company values etc. 

Displaying abstract, purposeful artwork that echoes collective values or concerns fosters a sense of unity among employees and resonates with clients. Furthermore, showcasing local Canadian artists bridges the gap between the workplace and its community.

Empowering Employees Through Abstract Art

Choosing original art for corporate gifting can empower employees, allowing them to personalize their environment, and is linked to improved performance and engagement. 

Choosing a type of art fitting to gift to an employee comes from a place of understanding and thoughtfulness. It speaks volumes to how much you know and care for them, and is much more personalized than, say, a coffee gift card (unless they are known coffee connoisseurs!)

In essence, art is a multifaceted tool that can enhance the workplace’s aesthetic and comfort! 

Sparking Social Connections With Art

Abstract art often reflects cultural and societal themes. Gifting a piece of art can spark conversations, encouraging recipients to delve deeper into its background, origins, and meaning. This can lead to richer interpersonal interactions and a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and ideas. 

Art has the power to inspire, motivate, and elevate moods. By incorporating art into corporate gifting, companies send a clear message that they value creativity and innovation. This can have a profound effect on employee morale and job satisfaction.

Visualizing Creativity, Innovation, and Open Dialogue in the Workplace

As the corporate world evolves, so do its traditions and practices. Once seen as a mere formality, corporate gifting has transformed into a nuanced expression of appreciation, brand identity, and culture. 

Ryan Groot is a Canadian artist whose work has been received at corporate settings and charity events.  He views art and life as sharing a fundamental theme – both thrive amidst challenges, often against formidable odds. Check out his art shop here, or learn about his commission process! 

By incorporating art into this mix, businesses can create more profound, meaningful connections with recipients, fostering a culture of appreciation, creativity, and understanding.


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