Custom Wildlife Canvas Painting

Imagine transforming your child’s bedroom into a lively safari, a dense jungle, or an expansive underwater realm with vibrant, custom wildlife paintings!

These exceptional artworks can transform any ordinary room into a space where imagination flourishes, providing your children with an environment that sparks creativity and nurtures a love for nature. In this article, we’ll explore the process of getting a custom canvas painting done in Calgary, its positive impact on a child’s surroundings, and how you can commission Canadian artist Groot Art to bring your vision to life.

What Wildlife Art Can Bring

Custom canvas paintings are more than just decorations; they are personal, one-of-a-kind creations that reflect your child’s interests and passions.

By having a painting commissioned, you can ensure each piece is tailored to your specifications, capturing the essence of the wildlife scenes your child loves most. Whether it’s the majestic stance of a lion, the playful leap of a dolphin, or the serene flight of a butterfly, custom paintings can bring these scenes to life in a way that store-bought prints just can’t do justice to.

Amplifying Children’s Creativity and Sense of Adventure

Kids’ adventure rooms are all about sparking imagination and encouraging exploration. Custom wildlife canvas paintings in Calgary can serve as focal points that anchor the room’s theme.

For example, a painting of a bustling rainforest with colourful parrots and hidden monkeys can transform a corner into a tropical haven! Similarly, a vast savannah scene with elephants and zebras can create a sense of openness and freedom.

These paintings do more than just beautify a space; they can also serve as educational tools. Each animal can tell a story, teach a lesson about its habitat, and inspire curiosity about the natural world. This combination of beauty and education makes custom wildlife paintings perfect for a child’s adventure room natural world.

The Process of Commissioning Canadian Artist Groot Art

Commissioning a custom canvas painting in Calgary with Groot Art is a fun and involved process. Here’s how to get started:

  • Provide Detailed Information – Clients are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible about what they want in a custom piece. Artist Ryan Groot aims to ensure clients receive a final product just as they envision!
  • Understand the Space and Emotions – Ryan seeks to understand the space where the piece will be displayed and the vibe the client wishes to evoke through it.
  • Discuss Key Details – Conversations will cover the piece’s size, medium, and colour scheme.
  • Agree on a Concept – Once a concept is agreed upon, Groot Art typically requires a 25% deposit to cover supplies.
  • Preliminary Design – Ryan provides a preliminary design, which could be a sketch, quick painting, or electronic design, depending on the project.
  • Approval of Design – After the design is approved, Ryan proceeds to work on the custom piece.
  • Studio Visits – Clients are encouraged to make an appointment to visit the studio and see the work in progress.


As an alternative to custom wildlife paintings, prints are available for any painting completed on canvas by Groot Art. He uses local print and Photoshop to develop electronic files of his work. This shop provides individual care and attention when handling and processing digital photographic images, ensuring the best in digital artistry, including colour management, colour enhancement, restoration, and retouching.

The quality of the inks, papers, and canvas used in producing fine art prints meets industry gold standards for permanence and longevity. Prints can be made on fine art paper, canvas, acrylic, metal, or wood.

Bring the Wildlife Adventure Indoors

Ready to transform your child’s room into lively and vibrant wildlife? Whether you’re looking for a majestic eagle, a playful panda, or an entire ecosystem captured in one canvas, wildlife art can bring your vision to life!

Your child’s room can become an adventurous gateway to the wonders of the natural world, all from the comfort of your home. Commission Canadian artists like Groot Art and help their creativity run wild and create a space where your child can dream, explore, and grow.


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